Founded on January 1, 1960, and governed by a publicly elected, five-member 董事会, 台面的水 is an independent special district that provides water service to 110,000 residents in an 18-square-mile service area that includes most of Costa Mesa, a portion of Newport Beach, and John Wayne Airport. 台面的水 provides 100 percent local reliable groundwater to its customers due to the 台面的水 Reliability Facility.

台面的水 is governed by a five-member 董事会 that is responsible for policies and decision-making. 了解更多



台面的水 District, a local independent special district, manages its finances and water infrastructure, and advocates water policy, while reliably providing an abundance of clean, safe water to benefit the public’s quality of life.


To Be a Top Performing Public Water Agency


  • Health and Safety of the Public and our Staff
  • 卓越
  • Philosophy of Abundance
  • Perpetual Agency Philosophy


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To obtain feedback from the community about 台面的水, and in conjunction with the District’s 战略计划, the 董事会 commissioned a telephone and online survey of more than 800 customers. View the results of the 客户调查

Most Efficient Water Agency

According to an annual study by Raftelis Financial Consultants, 台面的水 is one of Orange County’s most efficient water agencies, as measured by the true cost of providing water service to customers. 读研究

社区 Outreach

台面的水’s robust outreach program helps to increase awareness of the District and water among key audiences.

台面的水 also promotes the importance of conservation through public outreach and 教育项目. We are proud that our customers are using less water and have reduced water use by more than 20 percent since June 2015. We encourage you to keep up those water-wise习惯 and make improvements in your home and landscape when possible.

另外, we encourage commercial and industrial customers to use reclaimed water for greenbelt areas. Using reclaimed water for irrigation purposes saves drinking water for other uses.