Permit Processing & 费用

If your project includes water service improvements (ie. fire sprinkler installation, additional bathrooms, kitchen upgrades or other fixture installations), you are required to submit plans to 台面的水's Plan Check Desk. For a full list of detailed requirements and submittal procedure, please refer to 台面的水's Standard Specifications and 规则 & Regulations.

Beginning June 1, 2017 all drawings submitted for 台面的水® plan check shall be on the 台面的水 Development Standard Template. 

Please contact the 台面的水 工程 Department at 949.631.1291 with any questions.

Temporary Water Service for Construction

If you will need temporary water service for your project, please complete a Permit Application for Temporary Water Service/Hydrant Meter in order to rent a meter that 台面的水 staff will install on a fire hydrant. Please email the completed application to A staff member will contact you with the process for paying the deposit.

Please contact the 台面的水 Customer Services Department at 949.631.1200 with any questions.

费用: Deposits for New Development

A deposit will be collected on all new development to cover the actual cost for time and materials, including 台面的水’s fully burdened labor rate, for Plan Check, Installation and Inspection work performed.