Water Supply Investments and Other Factors That Influence Water Rates

台面的水 is committed to providing its customers an abundance of local, 可靠的, 清洁, 安全的水, and continually investing in, and actively maintaining its infrastructure, 该泵, treats and delivers nearly five billion gallons of safe, 清洁 drinking water to residential and business customers each year.

Critical factors in considering a new rate schedule include repair or replacement of 台面的水’s systems and assets. Even without the need for repair, a water system requires regular wide-ranging maintenance to help achieve its designed lifespan.

台面的水 is currently constructing $70 million of needed water system upgrades including wells, reservoirs and pipelines. The two new groundwater wells and the pipes connecting them to the main distribution system will increase our local groundwater production capacity by 11 million gallons per day. The reservoir upgrades will increase the storage capacity of our reservoirs by more than 15 million gallons thus increasing the reliability of our operations. Various pipeline replacements will help to maintain our world-class water system.

Other factors in considering a new rate schedule are the rising Replenishment Assessment charged to 台面的水 for pumping groundwater, increasing energy consumption costs and rising labor costs.