台面的水 District (台面的水®) Supports

  1. 地下水水质保护
    1. 支持橙县水区(OCWD)目前的地下水质量保护项目
      1. 流域公平性评估(BEA)受损地下水豁免项目(包括梅萨供水可靠设施)
      2. The MTBE, North Basin, and South Basin groundwater protection projects
      3. 塔斯汀和欧文靠谱的网赌足球网站厂
    2. Encourage OCWD to protect the Basin from chlorides caused by seawater intrusion
      1. Encourage OCWD to set a goal of maintaining protective elevations along the coast
      2. Encourage OCWD to hold semi-annual barrier meetings with Coastal Agencies (Huntington Beach, 台面的水, 和海豹滩)
      3. Encourage semi-annual reporting on the barrier
  2. Policies that raise and stabilize the Basin Pumping Percentage (BPP)
    1. Support OCWD setting a target BPP that they intend to consistently meet
    2. Support new water supply projects that help achieve this goal
    3. 支持OCWD采用供水政策,以发展供水和补给能力为目标, including purchasing replenishment water, 或其他导致可靠和可预测的地下水来源的行动,其BPP不低于80%. A goal of this policy is to accomplish this with a cost-neutral, 或更好的, impact on producers when the avoided cost of purchasing imported water is considered
  3. 保持盆地水量充足的政策
    1. Support OCWD adhering to the BPP-setting formula
    2. 支持地下水补给系统(GWRS)的最大产量,以确保具有成本效益, 高质量的, 环境友好和可持续的当地供水,有利于所有OCWD生产商,并提高该地区目前和未来的供水可靠性
    3. 支持GWRS可处理的最大废水流到橘子郡卫生区(OCSD),并支持OCSD/OCWD永久获取此类废水流,以确保GWRS的来源可靠性
    4. Support storm water capture projects that are cost-effective (e.g., 相当于或低于GWRS成本),并向盆地的主要含水层提供水源
  4. 基于市场的盆地储存和交换/转移项目,主要受益于OCWD, 其地下水生产商, 以及他们所服务的纳税人, with such Programs applying the “Beneficiaries Pay” principle and addressing issues including, 但不限于:
    1. 完整的成本回收, 至少, OCWD为管理该盆地而产生的历史和未来的资本投资以及运营和维护成本的比例
    2. 完整的成本回收, 至少, of the proportional value that entry into the Basin affords, 包括可靠性值(从而通过可用存储容量的损失而丧失对地下水生产者的可靠性)和处理价值
    3. 考虑当前或未来一年的水分损失(包括盆地外的损失和由于无法扩展或开采而造成的损失)
    4. Consideration that the above is merely a “break even” deal, 任何计划都应该给OCWD和它的地下水生产者带来超过上述的巨大利益
    5. Deferring entering into any agreements until the IRWD v. OCWD诉讼解决
    6. 推迟签订任何协议,直至南加州大都会水区(MWD)联合使用计划终止
    7. 将任何潜在的未来存储协议限制在符合OCWD法案第2条的存储程序上.1.c
    8. 最大化对盆地的有益利用,同时为盆地上的地下水生产者最大化盆地抽水百分比(BPP)
  5. 吞并
    1. Support financially neutral annexations into OCWD
  6. 财务状况良好的OCWD
    1. 支持政策和实践,以保持OCWD目前的AAA信用评级的三个信用评级机构中的两个
  7. 橙县市政水务局(MWDOC)与OCWD可能的合并,如果合并:
    1. is mutually agreed upon by both MWDOC and OCWD, with any governance change supported by MWDOC’s and OCWD’s Boards of Directors;
    2. 鼓励MWDOC和OCWD探索共同的效率领域,为两个机构的成员节约经济;
    3. 改善或, 至少, 保持质量, reliability and sustainability of wholesale water services to the members of both agencies;
    4. 保护奥兰治县地下水盆地内目前存在的地下水生产者的利益,并保护这些利益不受地下水资源或供应减少的影响;
    5. supports MWDOC current geographic boundaries, 并保留奥兰治县地下水盆地的现有边界,用于抽水和储存;
    6. 支持MWDOC当前的任务, and allows the Orange County groundwater basin to remain unadjudicated;
    7. 如新一届董事会为选举产生的董事会,则须尊重“一人一票”原则;
    8. is facilitated openly and transparently; and,
    9. increases the effectiveness of Orange County’s representation at MWD, with a coordinated and unified voice representing Orange County
  8. Increased influence at Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD)
    1. Support increased allocations of MWDOC resources for engagement at MWD
    2. Support coordination of the entire Orange County MWD delegation
  9. MWDOC在随钻日的优先行动
    1. 保护梅萨水的服务区域,从任何费用转移的结果,圣地亚哥县水务局的诉讼
    2. Encourage continued efforts in improving the Delta
    3. 寻求MWD与MWDOC在奥兰治县发展靠谱的网赌足球网站方面提供帮助(或合作)的机会
    4. Continue to support MWD discounted replenishment water program
  10. 与MWDOC就当地问题和组织在MWD倡导的项目保持密切的合作关系
  11. The current 台面的水 战略计划, including the District’s goals to:
    1. Provide a safe, abundant, and reliable water supply.
    2. Practice perpetual infrastructure renewal and improvement.
    3. Be financially responsible and transparent.
    4. Increase public awareness about 台面的水 and about water.
    5. 吸引和留住有技能的员工.
    6. 提供卓越的客户服务.
    7. Actively participate in regional water issues.
  12. 橘子郡地方机构成立委员会(OC LAFCO)更多的是一个促进者而不是行动的发起者
  13. Developing cost-effective and environmentally sensitive sources of water, 包括回收, 地下水清理, 保护, 和靠谱的网赌足球网站
  14. The potential Huntington Beach Ocean Desalter project as it can possibly provide a new, reliable and 高质量的 water supply that is appropriately priced
  15. CalDesal的使命和努力为气候弹性/水债券融资2.5亿美元,用于咸水和靠谱的网赌足球网站
  16. The co-equal goals of improved water supply reliability and Delta ecosystem health
  17. 水费、水费和其他服务或使用费用,根据实际成本,符合Prop. 218,以及免税收入
  18. The “Expenditures Per Capita” metric as being a more accessible, 公平的, 更简单的, 与单独检查水价相比,总体上更好的方法是测量全部水量, true cost and “affordability” of a public water agency’s services to its community
  19. 鼓励经济发展的政策, 实用, and healthful water use efficiency indoors, efficient and efficacious irrigation water use, and commercial and industrial water use, without stranding investments in potable reuse systems, 包括:
    1. 室内用水效率达到社区健康和安全所需水平————最近委托进行的一项工作证实了这一点, 验证, 以及同行评议的最终用途研究——这保护了当地对饮用水再利用系统的投资
    2. 灌溉用水效率达到生产作物和景观所需水平
    3. Commercial and industrial water use efficiency at a level that sustains economic vitality
  20. 基于事实的用水效率政策和基于可靠的可靠研究的用水效率标准, 可复制的, 和可核查的
  21. Policies that establish regulatory and statutory parity for all types of recycled water, including purple pipe and potable reuse
  22. Theft prevention of municipal metal infrastructure, 比如消防栓, 井盖, 和回流装置
  23. 圣安娜流域项目管理局(SAWPA)在拨款、资金和相关考虑方面公平对待OCWD及其项目和项目,这是该管理局综合区域水资源管理规划和“一水一流域”计划的一部分.


  1. 侵蚀梅萨水地役权, 权利之内, 以及没有协商的财产, 约定赔偿, and advance approval at the sole discretion of the District
  2. 行政, 立法, 和监管行动,要求新的, 缺乏资金的操作方式增加了基本公用事业的成本负担或时间延误